Paintball vs. Laser Tag: Which is Better?

Paintball vs. Laser Tag: Which is Better?

So you’re trying to decide whether to play paintball or laser tag? Both activities have their pros and cons, but which one is the better choice for you? In this article, we will compare and contrast paintball and laser tag, and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll answer some of the most common questions about both activities, and give you some helpful tips to make your decision easier. Let’s get started!

Paintball Basics


Speedball is one type of paintball game that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It involves two teams facing off against each other on a much smaller playing field than traditional Paintball, usually marked out with inflatable bunkers. This makes it more fast-paced and intense, as players have to move quickly and accurately to stay alive. The game usually lasts 10-15 minutes, although some variations can last up to an hour. [2]

Paintball Basics


Woodsball is the more traditional style of paintball. It takes place in a large, outdoor field covered with natural cover such as trees, shrubs, and rocks.

Players have to move around the field strategically, taking cover where they can find it. This type of game usually has fewer players than speedball, but each round lasts much longer; up to several hours or even days! [2]

Laser Tag Basics

Laser tag is a popular recreational game enjoyed by people of all ages.

It’s an indoor or outdoor game that uses infrared technology to detect when players hit each other with lasers. Players wear vests equipped with sensors that light up or vibrate whenever they are “hit” by another player’s laser beam. Laser tag arenas are often filled with obstacles and hiding places, making the game more exciting and challenging. [2]

Laser Tag Safety

Laser tag is often a safer option than paintball, as it does not involve physical contact or projectiles being fired. Players wear infrared sensors to detect the laser beams and score points when they hit the other team’s players.

The main safety concern with laser tag is that players must be careful where they aim the lasers, and should not aim directly at people’s eyes. To keep things safe for everyone playing, most indoor laser tag facilities will have clear rules about appropriate behavior during games so that everyone has a fun and safe experience. Most outdoor laser tag venues also offer protective gear and masks to help shield players from potential accidents. [2]

Pros and Cons of Paintball

Pros: Paintball can be played indoors or outdoors and offers an intense physical experience with lots of tactical strategy involved. The guns used give players realistic feedback that adds to the excitement of playing.

Cons: Paintball can be expensive due to the need to buy special gear like markers, air tanks, and protective masks. Furthermore, constant reloading can slow down games while cleaning out clothing after use may require a lot of effort. [1]

Pros and Cons of Laser Tag

Laser tag is an indoor or outdoor recreational activity where players use simulated weapons (lasers) to “tag” one another while avoiding being tagged themselves.

Pros of laser tag include its safe, non-contact nature, as well as its wide variety of options in terms of playing area size and field layout. Additionally, it requires less physical exertion than paintball since participants do not have to run around or crouch down while playing. Cons include the fact that the lasers are limited by range and walls/other obstacles may block the laser beams, making it difficult to tag players on the opposite side of an obstruction. Additionally, some people find the sound and flashing lights associated with the guns used in laser tag distracting or cheesy. [1]

Pros and Cons of Laser Tag

Main Differences Between Paintball and Laser Tag

Comfort vs. Pain

One of the main differences between paintball and laser tag is that with paintball, you are shooting small pellets filled with paint at your opponents. This means there’s a high chance of getting hit with a painful pellet when playing. Meanwhile, laser tag allows you to shoot infrared beams from your gun without fear of pain or discomfort. [2]

Exclusivity vs. Inclusivity

Another major difference between the two is that laser tag is more inclusive and generally, anyone can play regardless of age or size. With paintball, it’s typically only intended for teens and adults as the pellets can be painful if someone gets hit. [2]

Relaxed vs. Aggressive

Lastly, laser tag is generally a more relaxed and less intense game as it’s mostly played indoors with no guns that fire projectiles. Paintball on the other hand, can be more aggressive due to the fact that you are shooting paint pellets at your opponents. [2]

Gear Cost: Expensive vs. Cheap

When it comes to gear cost, paintball can be quite expensive as you need to buy multiple items such as masks, guns and ammo. Laser tag however is not only cheaper than paintball in terms of equipment but also more flexible regarding the environment where it’s played. [2]

How Your First Game of Laser Tag Will Work

If you’re a first-timer, you’ll get a basic rundown of how the laser tag game works. Everyone will be given vests and laser guns. You’ll then split up into teams or play individually depending on the rules of the game. You’ll then enter the arena and your goal is to “tag” as many opponents with your lasers as possible. To score points, shoot at targets located around the arena or hit an opponent directly in their vest while they are wearing it. When someone gets “tagged,” their gun will make a sound indicating that they have been hit and their score will decrease accordingly. The team or individual with the most points at the end of a predetermined time period will be declared the winner. [2]

How Your First Game of Laser Tag Will Work

Laser Tag Rules and Equipment

Overview of the Guns

The primary piece of equipment in laser tag is the gun itself. These guns come in a variety of models, but are all generally lightweight and easy to operate. Laser tag guns usually feature triggers that are activated by pressing the right or left side. They may also have an adjustable grip, allowing you to customize your aim more precisely.

Laser tag guns emit safe infrared beams which register hits when they contact an opponent’s receiver. The receivers detect these beams and respond with audio and visual feedback like flashes or lights on impact. This feedback allows players to know if they have been hit without having to look for physical evidence like paintballs on their clothing or gear. [2]

Basic Safety Rules

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to playing laser tag. Most facilities require that players wear protective goggles or masks during play, and will provide them if you do not bring your own. Games are often played in large, enclosed arenas with barriers and obstacles for cover, but players should still be aware that stray shots can cause injury. They should also observe all safety rules set by the facility and avoid targeting other players’ faces at close range.

In addition, some laser tag facilities may have age restrictions for certain types of games or sets of equipment. It is important to check with the facility before signing up for a game to make sure that everyone meets the requirements for safety and skill level. [2]

Aiming Practice

Laser tag guns are designed to be easy to use, but like any other weapon they require practice before you can become an expert marksman. Many laser tag facilities have target ranges or shooting galleries which allow players to hone their skills before playing a game. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the way your gun works and how your opponents’ equipment responds to your shots. That way, when it comes time for an actual match, you will know what kinds of strategies work best in each situation. [2]

Laser Tag Rules and Equipment

Tactics and Teamwork for both games

No matter if you play paintball or laser tag, tactics and teamwork are the key to success. Paintball is usually a team sport and depending on the type of game being played, teams must coordinate attacks and defenses. In speedball games—which involve two teams competing against each other in a smaller area—players typically take positions near various bunkers throughout the field that they can hide behind while they attack their opponents. This requires a lot of coordination between teammates in order to be successful. Laser tag also requires careful planning and strategizing as players will need to move around quickly in order to avoid getting hit while trying to shoot their opponents. Teamwork is essential for both paintball and laser tag as without it, neither game will be very enjoyable.

Although there are similarities between the two activities, they also differ in important ways. Paintball requires more physicality than laser tag and is often considered to be an extreme sport while laser tag can be enjoyed by a wider range of players of all ages and abilities. In addition, paintball games require the use of protective gear such as masks, gloves and headgear while laser tag does not require any protective equipment at all.

Laser Tag advantages over Paintball

Anti-Cheating Features

Unlike paintball, laser tag has anti-cheating features that are designed to prevent players from using the equipment for their own gain. Laser tag systems include sensors and sound signals that only activate when a hit is registered against an opponent. This ensures fair play as it eliminates any chance of players shooting at each other without being hit. [2]

Another advantage of laser tag over paintball is that it typically avoids the legal issues involved with using and shooting paintballs. Paintball games require a field or safe area to play, which can be difficult to find in many areas due to local laws. Laser tag does not require a special field or area, as it can be played in any space where players have access to their equipment. This makes it easier for people to organize and play without having to worry about breaking any laws or regulations. [2]

Laser Tag advantages over Paintball

Broader Market

Finally, laser tag appeals to a broader market than paintball. Paintball is generally seen as a more aggressive and physical form of play, and can be intimidating for some players. Laser tag, on the other hand, is often seen as a family-friendly activity and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This makes it a great choice for parties or events where you want to provide an activity that everyone can participate in. [2]

Farther Range

Another key advantage of laser tag over paintball is the range. Laser tag systems typically have a much greater range than paintball guns, allowing players to cover more ground during a game. This allows for larger games and bigger battles, making it easier to accommodate larger groups. [2]

Paintball Tips

If you are looking to have a paintball game, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, always make sure that everyone involved is wearing the proper safety equipment, such as goggles and masks. Second, choose a field or area that is safe for all players. Finally, make sure to follow any local laws and regulations regarding paintball games. [2]


Yes, laser tag has been around for decades and is still extremely popular in arcades and indoor play centers around the world. It’s a great way to have fun with family and friends without the mess or expense of paintball. Laser tag equipment can also be purchased for home use, giving you access to an exciting laser combat experience any time you want it.

Does it hurt when you get shot in laser tag?

No, laser tag is completely painless. Instead of shooting physical projectiles (like paintballs), you’ll be targeted with harmless infrared beams that cannot cause any kind of physical discomfort. This makes it a great activity for younger players who want to join in on the fun without getting hurt.

Is laser tag paintball?

No, laser tag and paintball are two different activities. While both involve simulated combat, the way that you play them is quite different. In paintball, players must use physical projectiles such as paintballs; in laser tag, they use infrared beams instead.

What is the best color to wear in laser tag?

It’s usually best to wear dark colors when playing laser tag. Darker colors will help you blend in better with the environment, making it more difficult for opponents to spot and target you. Some players even choose to wear camouflage clothing in order to be as stealthy as possible!

What is the hottest laser color?

The most popular color for laser tag guns is green. This is because it is the easiest color for players to see, allowing them to spot their opponents quickly and accurately. However, you can also choose from a variety of other colors, including red, blue, yellow, and purple.

What is the safest laser color?

The safest laser color is red. Red lasers are the least powerful and will not travel as far as the other colors, making them ideal for younger players or those who don’t want too much of a challenge.

Can a laser reach the moon?

No, laser beams do not have the capability to reach the moon. Lasers are powerful, but they can only travel so far due to their limited power and range.

What color is the weakest laser?

The weakest laser color is red. Red lasers are the least powerful and will not travel as far as the other colors, making them ideal for younger players or those who don’t want too much of a challenge.

Are blue lasers illegal?

No, blue lasers are not illegal. In fact, they’re quite popular and can be found in many laser tag arenas around the world. Blue is one of the most powerful colors available for laser tag guns, making it a great choice for more experienced players who want to up their game.

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In the end, the decision between paintball and laser tag depends on your personal preferences. Both have their own pros and cons that make them ideal for different types of people and activities. Paintball is best suited towards those who are looking for a more intense experience with more realistic gameplay, while laser tag provides a less intense game that can easily be enjoyed by all ages. Whichever you choose, make sure to do your research ahead of time to ensure you have the right gear and know what type of gameplay you’re signing up for. Have fun!